Exploring sure does make you hungry...


...and thirsty!


Good thing we have one of the best restaurants in town, now featuring four rotating craft beers.

Our dinners include a fresh garden salad, smoked baked potato and toasted garlic bread.

American King Crab, brought in fresh frozen and boiled to order.  Served with melted butter.  Bring your appetite!

Bertram's Brown Ale

Now on tap!

Bertram's Hazelnut Ale

Now on tap!

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs

King Crab Legs

Award winning and world famous!  We've had guests from some of the BBQ capitals of the world compliment us on our delicious ribs.  These sell out nightly, so make sure you come early or call ahead and reserve some!

Bacon on a burger?  Been there, done that...


Now, a bacon wrapped burger?  That's the way to go!


If you thought the smoked bbq ribs were incredible, wait until you try one of our loaded smoked baked potatoes!

Bacon Wrapped Burgers

Smoked Baked


Driving through Salmon on your way to see us?  Make sure you stop by Bertram's Brewery and Restaurant.  Try the Belly Buster!!! Here's their website: Bertram's Brewery


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Tel: (208) 527-3707


705 West Grand Avenue
Arco, ID 83213
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